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      Huiji District is located in the south side of Huanghe Rive, one of five districts in Zhengzhou. As main body of programming north-side group (Huiji District) in Zhengzhou, the district westwards faces Zhengzhou High and New Technology Development District, governs 2 towns, 6 offices and 3 development districts, Henan Huiji Economic Development District, Zhengzhou Agriculture New Technology Test District and Dahe Industrial Garden, total area 232.8 square kilometers, total population 201 thousand, including 97 thousand municipal people.

Excellent Environment  
      Standing alongside Yellow River, the mother river, Huiji District, in which the Natural Mountain, Mang Mountain, is shortest distance to capital Zhengzhou and there are mountain, water and town, 6 million trees and 64 thousand mu forests, forms a big natural forest, big oxygen bar and capital green lung of people walking in the forest and car driving along the green and has become the first choice of Zhengzhou citizen’s leisure, vacation and residence. Great zoology value and toprating living environment has made the Huiji District Henan provincial “Making Green Standard developed district” and national level “Ecological Test Construction Experiential Unit”.
Rich Travel Resource
     Huiji District is at the center of golden trip line of Zhengbian Road, rich in travel resource, such as 4A national level scenic sections, Huanghe Scenic Zone, Huayuankou Zone, Fujing Ecological Entertainment World and Dahe Village starring, Historical culture site, Chinese First City, Xishan Old City, Old Han Melting Metal Site, Jixin Temple, Huayuankou digging and blocking Port and Huiji Changqiao Relic connecting from head to foot; Huanghe Hotel, Sinian Guoling Landscape, Fengle Village and Four Season Simultaneous Arrival Ecological Garden represent top service and reception level of provincial conference, Suburb travel industry of three-in-Cone “Huanghe Scene, Ecological Leisure and Old Han Culture ” had developed promptly. Backing 3 million people of Zhengzhou city, relying on rich hill and Huanghe bottomland resource, the traveling around the city focusing on village trip in Huiji District is in the ascendant and is provided with great decelopment valueand growth potential.
Priority Location
    The longest Asia Highway bridge, Yellow Rive highway bridge ,comes across the north and the south of Yellow River, combines as one body , through which Jingzhu Expressway,Lianhuo Expressway, Jingguang railway and 107 line all passes. Huayuan North Road, Wenhua North Road, Qinghua Garden Road,Tianhe Road,Jiangshan Road and Guxu Road as northward and southward direction, Dahe Road, Lvyuan road, Yingbin Road, Kaiyuan Road, Yingcai Road and Xinliu Road as westward and eastward direction, construct a road communication network extending in all directions. Basic establishments, district drainage ,electric power and communication net, are all installed. There is a biggest Asian railway organization station,lying in the middle exit to Zhengzhou of Linhuo Expressway and neighboring the biggest national passenger transport station “Zhengzhou Station”, just 20 minutes voyage from Huiji District to “Xinzheng Airport”, unique transportaion.
Outstanding industry feature
    According to development strategy of constructing “1” district (best living residence district)and 2 centers (conference center and leisure center ), developing greatly “3” industries (modern agriculture, ecological industry and modern service ), Huiji District government insists on developing “strong ecological district, rich industrial district, stable agricultural district”. Backbone industries, “Sanquan” as main leader, food, medicine, printing and feedstuff have developed fast; modern logic industry and merchants wholesale industry, “Mao Village Vegetable Wholesale Market” as a head, automobile trade, aquatic products, favoring products and textile have prospered, big-scale cultural stadiums,provincial stadium center and north zone of college town as supporting place, have established pimary dimensions. There is a broad development place in the field of agriculture byproducts processing, urban industry , commercial building developing and constructing , high and new agriculture, ecological building, leisure and travel, feature consuming, trade and logic, education service and cultural innovation.
Great potential development
    As the first planning covering 1.6 square kilometers “China Zhengzhou Information originality Industry District” in Henan province, Huiji District is the exclusive “Provincial Level International Service Out-Package District, in which there are looser environment, lower cost, better benefit policy, more effective service, will construct a new-style centralizing industry district of 3 main industries, food, machine manufacturing and energy resources of new technology and new opening highland. “Collecting elegance worldwide, equal benefit, holding elites worldwide and harmonious relation”, we welcome national and foreign guests to visiting, commercial investigation and investment; harmonious, civilized and opening Huiji District constructs better tomorrow with you.
Compiled by the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Huiji